Helping organizations understand the environmental, health, safety & social setting of their projects and achieve compliance

environmental & Social assessments

Impact Assessments, Audits and Notices

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Audits and Notices are crucial for the successful implementation of any project. Based on the nature and lifecycle stage of your activities or project, you are required to undertake either an Assessment, Audit or a Notice.

Regardless of the scope of the assessment, it is aimed at identifying adverse as well as beneficial or positive environmental and social impacts of a project throughout the project lifecycle, from design and construction to operations, decommissioning and closure.

AKTI Consulting, will help you assess potential or current negative and positive impacts of your activities or projects. We will work with you to develop suitable measures to eliminate or mitigate the negative impacts and enhance the positive impacts. Our Assessments, Audits and Notices include comprehensive Environmental and Social Management Plans to guide you in implementing an adequate Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) and achieve regulatory compliance. We will work with you to obtain a Certificate of Environmental Conformity for your activities or projects.


Hazard Studies & Emergency Preparedness & Response Planning

Hazards and operability problems are inherent to existing or planned operations. It is important that they are addressed in a timely manner in order to prevent occurrence of incidents or mitigate the impacts. Failure to address hazards and risks could in significant regulatory, material, financial consequences, hence the importance of conducting a Hazard Study.

The process of conducting a hazard study entails identifying what deviations could occur in your processes, how the deviations could occur and what negative effect(s) they engender for workers, the community, the environment and the integrity of your operations.

At AKTI Consulting, we will help you assess the hazards and risks in your current or planned operations or projects, in accordance with applicable national and international standards. We typically subdivide your operations into tasks and identify and assess potential hazards and risks that could threaten the effectiveness and integrity of your operations. We will establish a tailored Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan to guide you preparing for and responding to potential emergencies.

Where the regulations require the conduct of a hazard study, we will support you throughout the process till the validation of your hazard study by the competent authority.